Classical-Meets-Contemporary Ceramics by Nicolette Johnson

Classical-Meets-Contemporary Ceramics by Nicolette Johnson

23 November, 2017

It’s not every day that we make a discovery on the level of Nicolette Johnson, when some random Instagram rabbit hole leads us to a trove so vast we can hardly believe no one had tipped us off to it sooner (mental note to start reading the Design Files more carefully). But that’s exactly what happened last month, when we stumbled onto an image of Johnson’s vases and found ourselves practically hyperventilating — not just over the works themselves, but the fact that the young Brisbane-based talent only started working with ceramics at all less than two years ago, after having forged a burgeoning career as a photographer and documentary filmmaker. Hence why the images below — primarily depicting her most recent creations, which merge contemporary geometries with overtly classical forms and finishes — are practically works of art in and of themselves. There are tons more where they came from; visit Johnson’s website or follow her on Instagram to see why we fell so hard. 

Text by Monica Khemsurov via Sight Unseen





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